Travis McGriff
Gainesville, FL

John Jorgenson
Founder and CEO

After a long career in the hotel franchising and ownership industry, John sold his hotels and founded Lead Scientist in 2008.  He recognized that small businesses did not have access to big data to utilize in their marketing efforts. The company started by 

Robin Moore
​Milwaukee, WI


Anthony DeFelice
​Fort Worth, TX

​doing targeted lead generation for franchisors, which remains a core competency of Lead Scientist under the brand name Easy Way Leads.
Recognizing that the email and digital marketing platform he had built will work for virtually any business; he expanded the business in 2016 with a decentralized model.  Under the name Max My Customers Lead Scientist attracts ‘Coaches’ to work with independent business owners, private schools, clubs, physicians, senior assisted living and host of other companies and organizations to market their entity to their exact qualified prospects.

Judy Clay
​Scottsdale, AZ

Zac Zedalis
​Gainesville, FL

Rich Lathrop
Master Coach, WA

Bryan Hall
​Northwest Dallas, TX

Steve Smith
Colorado Springs, CO

Brent Palmer
Salt Lake City North, UT

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