They're out there - your perfect customer...
How do you find them to deliver your message?

At Lead Scientist we generate highly qualified traffic to your website for your company, franchise, school or club. We do this by identifying your exact prospect profile and then we access our opt-in 200 million record data base to find the email addresses for those people, in the exact geographic location where you want them to be.  

The email addresses are both business and consumer email addresses that we can filter 300 different ways. It doesn’t matter if you are a franchise company looking for new franchisees who are males, between 35 and 55, with a net worth of a million dollars, liquid capital of two hundred thousand and come from a particular type of industry with a C level title.  Or a school or club who are looking for families with children living in a house worth more than five hundred thousand dollars and have a household income over three hundred thousand dollars.  How about a physician looking for males between 49 and 79, with good health insurance, for specific procedures you offer?

Our process works equally as well for professional service providers like insurance agents, financial planners or physicians trying to reach a highly defined demographic in a specific geographic area to introduce their services. At Lead Scientist everything we do is totally CAN SPAM ACT compliant and our data base is comprised of one hundred percent opt in email addresses.