Lead Scientist LLC originally formed in 2008 in Baltimore Maryland, was created to generate leads for franchise companies which remains a core competency.  Lead Scientist, under the brand name Easy Way Leads, has done lead generation for over 300 franchise companies including Sears, Little Caesars, Allstate Insurance, The Dwyer Group, Dale Carnegie, Expedia, Mieneke, Comfort Keepers, AAMCO, Kansas City Life Insurance Company and many more.

Knowing that their proprietary turn-key email and digital marketing program can be applied to most any business, school, club or organization looking to increase their market share and revenue,  

Lead Scientist launched the successful program into many different industry verticals.  Having a 200 million email data base, that can be filtered over 300 ways, Lead Scientist can filter for virtually any exact prospect and reach them quickly with a targeted message.  Operating under several names for specific industries:

  • Max Enrollment – private schools
  • Max My Patients – physicians and veterinarians
  • Max My Membership – country, yacht and city clubs
  • Max My Residents – senior assisted living
  • Max My Clients – professional services; lawyers, accountants, employee benefits, etc.
  • Max My Customers for Agencies - We build Agencies business with new clients and provide email marketing to               Agency's clients

​In 2016 realizing that 99.7% of US businesses have less than 500 employees and 89.6% have less than 20, Lead Scientist launched a decentralized business model with “Coaches” in local markets operating under the name Max My Customers.  Coaches are independent business persons that have exclusive use of the Lead Scientist platforms and marketing programs.  Coaches provide a local presence to become the ‘marketing department’ for small and medium size businesses.  Clients of Max My Customers' Coaches range from a Live Aboard Scuba Dive Boat in Tortola to doctors to Ronald McDonald House to a bikini waxing studio.  Virtually any small and medium size business is a potential client for a Coach and Max My Customers.