Max My Clients
​Serving the Professional Services Industries

Whether you are a Financial Planner, Insurance Agent, Accountant, Realtor or recycle computer hard drives; always the hardest part of your marketing efforts is getting an audience with your Qualified Prospects.  You know that if you can get in front of Qualified Prospects you can make the sale.  You hustle harder, you have better products and services, but the problem is just getting in front of the right people.  What if those people asked YOU to contact THEM? How much more business would you do?

With Max My Clients we quickly identify your prospects, in our 200 million intelligent record data base, based on their demographics and psychographics from our consumer file using 300 unique filters.  From our business file we can filter to your prospects based on their title, industry, size of company (revenue and number of employees) and of course geography. 
Once we have selected 20 or 30 thousand Qualified Prospects we will send them a series of personalized emails that appear to come directly from you introducing your services.  Each of the emails will encourage the reader to click through to a landing page we build specifically about your opportunity (see example above).  When they arrive at the landing page they will view a short video about your company and services.  Then when a prospect would like to get more information they simply click the submit button on the form that has their information pre-populated.