Max My Customers
Serving Small and Medium Size Businesses

Your customers are not the same as theirs...So why are you marketing to their customers?

Newspaper, TV, radio, direct mail, STOP!  You are delivering (and paying for) your marketing message to thousands of people who are not interested in your product or service. Wouldn't you like to pick out just the people who are your potential customers, in your specific geographic area and deliver a strong marketing message about your opportunity?  This is exactly what we do at Max Customers.  An Annual Program that we completely 'Turn-Key' for you.

We determine an exact customer profile for your product or service based on geographic, demographic and psychographic characteristics.  Then we filter our 200 million intelligent record data base to develop an email list of exactly your potential customers.  At that point we deliver your marketing message JUST to those people.  Starting to make sense?  Contact us and we will tell you more.