Max My Patients
Serving the Health Care and Veterinary Care Industries

Generating new patients for the human and animal health care industries.

At Max My Patients we maintain a data base of 200 million intelligent email addresses. We know the email addresses of thousands of exact prospects and all of them are near your practice; they are all in our data base.Type your paragraph here.

Let’s say you are an orthodontist and you want to deliver your message to parents of kids between the ages of 8 to 18 -- we can do that. Or you are veterinarian and only want your marketing to reach people who own a cat or dog -- it's no problem with Max My Patients.  How about a Concierge Doctor who would like to reach only high income people to increase your practice?

You get the idea -- no matter who your patient is, we can filter for them and reach them quickly and inexpensively with your marketing message.

What if there was a company that could provide you email access to your exact potential patients, in your exact area, and then automate all of your online and email marketing for you? And, what if we told you it was at a price that the first patient typically more than pays for the service? Welcome to Max My Patients.